Jabberings #7

by john on October 16, 2003

Run, don’t walk, to mozilla.org and pickup the latest versions of Firebird (browser) and Thunderbird (email).

For anyone doing web development after you’ve downloaded Firebird go get the greatest Firebird plugin ever.

I taught myself how to juggle when I was about 15. I was folding clothes and watching the North Stars. Back in those days I balled up my socks and for some reason I became compelled to juggle them. I’m pretty good with three balls, never could do clubs. You want to see juggling at its finest? Check out the amazing Jason Garfield and his Insane Juggling Video Clips. Never seen anyone juggle 11 balls at once? Go take a look. The 9 rings vid is pretty cool too.

Mena writes in It’s all about context about the decision Six Apart made in Typepad to add comments and trackbacks to the individual entry archives rather than the pop-ups that the default Movable Type installation used. That was actually one of the first significant changes I made on this site. I think this paragraph from Mena is indicative of their style:

We learned that commenting methods evolve and there is in fact a better way to handle the display of weblog post related content. We made a conscious decision to break from common practice for comments (pop-ups) and require the use of individual archives if comments or TrackBacks are enabled. Protocols, applications and companies evolve, and we hope we never claim that anything we do can’t be improved.

In CRM news Siebel made the surprise announcement that it had acquired UpShot, a hosted CRM application vendor that theoretically was a competitor to Siebel’s recently re-kicked off OnDemand hosted service. I evaluated UpShot earlier this year and thought it did some things pretty well but wasn’t as robust as Salesforce.com. I suspect that Siebel has no plans to build out on the architecture and rather it would plan to move those users to OnDemand. Interestingly I think this is great news for Salesforce.com. Many people are looking at hosted CRM applications because they want to get away from Siebel and others of it’s ilk and sf.com just lost a competitor.

So it’s pretty much official, my post on Catfish Noodling is now the message board for the band Green Day. How random is that? Sensing an opportunity I added an Amazon link for them in the article and lo and behold I’ve captured some Amazon Associate dollars from Green Day fans who apparently didn’t already own all of their albums. Thanks dudes!

The good news – I’m up to $1.36 a day in revenue on here. The bad news – I just got my first energy bill since putting the pool in. Yikes.

Guess I’ll be rooting for the Marlins. Not that I could name one player. Go Marlins!

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john October 18, 2003 at 9:07 am

Due to a problem with Amazon Web Services I can’t post any new articles. As soon as I can I’ll right up an article on the problem! I doubt this comment will even go through. Argh.

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