No Joy in Cubville

by john on October 16, 2003

This was an interesting week to be in Chicago. Got to feel sorry for those Chicago Cubs fans. Are they the unluckiest team in baseball? As a Minnesota Twins fan I have been able to relish the excitement of winning a couple of World Series in the last 16 years. But oh those Cubbies. I won’t add too much more to the guy’s fifteen minutes of fame, but you really have to feel sorry for Steve Bartman, the Cubs fan who from here on out is going to be more infamous than Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. For his sake I was really rooting the Cubs on last night but it was not to be.

What I found most amusing about this week was the reaction of the White Sox fans. One would think that with the Sox out of the playoffs that they would rally behind the city of Chicago and support the remaining local team. No way. The only people happier in Chicago than the Florida Marlins are the Chicago White Sox fans. It’s really something.

[UPDATE] – Curse of the Bambino still alive and kicking as well. Sorry Jim.

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