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by john on October 21, 2003

Last Week I mentioned that Siebel had purchased UpShot and that I thought this was actually good news for No surprise here, but is featuring this news rather prominently on their home page via a flash ad titled “Discontinued Siebel UpShot.”

They are offering free migrations for existing UpShot customers, or rather “discontinued Siebel UpShot” users, via their SureShot program. “Discontinued Siebel UpShot” appears no less than seven times in their press release. I think we get the point!

Don’t know why but I find this rather funny.

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Marketing Playbook May 12, 2004 at 4:40 pm

Back at You – Siebel High-Low

Never say die. Finally in an interesting response to attacks, Siebel is going for a High-Low Play. Attacking at the high end with its enterprise offering and at the low end with its acquisition of Upshot, another hosted CRM…

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