The Tide is Turning

by john on November 7, 2003

Kalsey goes on the offensive by Cutting comment spammers off at the knees. He mentions that our old friend Vig-RX is up to no good again and outlines the steps he will be taking to ensure this is one spammer who learns you shouldn’t mess with us bloggers.

Of course, I don’t have to worry about this any more. Thanks to Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist I now see entries like this in my activity log rather than spammy comments that I have to spend time deleting:

MT-Blacklist comment denial on John’s Jottings: (lolita|phentermine|viagra|vig-?rx|zyban|valtex|xenical|adipex|meridia\b)[\w\-_.]*\.[a-z]{2,}

It’s all good.

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