Using the Google Deskbar

by john on November 9, 2003


By now you should have heard of the Google Deskbar, the search giant’s new entry into the world of quick search applications. First came the Google Toolbar, which promised the ability to search Google from within any site on the web. Why go to when you can run the search right where you are? Makes sense. The Deskbar takes that thought one step further – why even open up a browser window? Now you can “search with Google from within any application without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.”

But you know what’s weird? Apparently I like to lift my fingers from the keyboard because despite installing the Deskbar I still run 99% of my searches by going to in my browser. Same thing with the Google toolbar, I installed it but very rarely ever use it. It’s so easy to click on my Home button, run a search and then click back a couple of times that I haven’t been able to get out of that habit. I recognize while writing this that I am wasting time yet I struggle with changing something that is working for me. Perhaps this application would make more sense to me if I didn’t usually have a browser window already open. Does anyone these days not have a window already open?

Usually I’m an early adopter but when it comes to changing the way I search, forget about it.


Richard Evans Lee November 9, 2003 at 2:27 pm

Once upon a time I really craved this. Now that I’m using Firebird I almost always have a tab open to Google from my last search.

Joe Grossberg November 10, 2003 at 4:04 pm

“click” on your home button?

Why not just use the key combination?

Same for “back”?

(Alt-Home and Alt-Left in Firebird; I don’t remember it in IE.)

BTW, Alt-D (Ctrl-L in Firebird) will highlight the location bar; it’s another great second-saver.

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