MTAdSenseStats (NOT)

by john on November 12, 2003

[UPDATE – I released it after all, please see MTAdSenseStats for more details]

For the last few nights I’ve been pounding away at my first MT Plugin, MTAdSenseStats. I had even started the announcement that you see striked out below.

But then tonight I got an email from the Google AdSense police:

Hello John,
We’ve noticed that you are sharing confidential information regarding the Google AdSense program. This activity is a violation of our Terms and Conditions (
Please immediately remove the following language from your website or web posting:

I’ve had my best day to date today, just shy of #DELETED#. In one day.

After you’ve made the appropriate changes, please respond to this email so we can review your site again. We appreciate the understanding.
The Google Team

I took the message to heart and not only stopped development of the plugin, but also removed other mentions to AdSense revenue that I had posted, as well as removed an image showing a graph of my revenue history I had referred to elsewhere.

After all, I’m on track to make #DELETED# this year and I don’t want to screw that up.

<DISCLAIMER>I barely know Perl, I’ve never coded a Movable Type plugin before and I’m a manager. Proceed at your own risk.</DISCLAIMER>

With that said, I present MTAdSenseStats v0.10, a Movable Type plugin that

It includes the following tags:

* MTAdSenseStats
** Container tag
* MTAdSenseStatsVersion
** Version number of MTAdSenseStats
* MTAdSenseStatsDays
** Number of days in the program
* MTAdSenseStatsImpressionsTotal
** Total impressions to date
* MTAdSenseStatsImpressionsPerDay
** Average impressions per day
* MTAdSenseStatsImpressionsToday
** Total impressions for today
* MTAdSenseStatsClicksTotal
** Total clicks to date
* MTAdSenseStatsClicksPerDay
** Average clicks per day
* MTAdSenseStatsClicksToday
** Clicks for today
* MTAdSenseStatsClickthroughTotal
** Clickthrough rate to date
* MTAdSenseStatsClickthroughToday
** Clickthrough rate for today
* MTAdSenseStatsRevenueTotal
** Total revenue to date
* MTAdSenseStatsRevenuePerDay
** Average revenue per day
* MTAdSenseStatsRevenueToday
** Total revenue for today

Here is how it might be used in a template:

AdSense Statistics (v<$MTAdSenseStatsVersion$>):
Today’s revenue: <$MTAdSenseStatsRevenueToday$>
Average Per Day: <$MTAdSenseStatsRevenuePerDay$>
Total Revenue: <$MTAdSenseStatsRevenueTotal$>
Not too bad for <$MTAdSenseStatsDays$> days work!

I hope you find it useful. I’d also love to get suggestions for improvement, there should be many.

Oh well, so much for that.


Tony November 14, 2003 at 11:08 pm

I got the same message. I think you should continue work on the plugin and release it underground. It would go nicely on a private page.

Gadgetopia December 2, 2003 at 6:32 am

Google AdSense Stats MT Plugin

MTAdSenseStats: John developed a plugin to display AdSense stats on your site, but — from both his experience and mine — you’re gonna get an email from Google if you use it. After some gentle prodding I’ve decided to release…

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