Celebrity Poker Review

by john on December 2, 2003

Heaven help me but I watched Bravo’s Celebrity Poker tonight. As expected the play, what little of it was shown, was atrocious – a bunch of calling stations, small bets, unbelievable silly plays, etc. But we knew that would be the case. We also knew David Schwimmer was going to be first out. But of course.

First, the good.

The WPT has brought a lot of people into the poker rooms who see guys like Gus Hansen play T5x before the flo We like those guys. Celebrity Poker could seriously bring people to the poker rooms who see guys like Willie Garson go all in hoping for runner/runner. I mean he has Q8 and calls Affleck’s QQ all-in bet when the board was already showing something terrible like J37. He was suited but there was only one on the board so he needed two running clubs I think it was or two running cards to the inside straight. What is he thinking? Well, hopefully some new blood comes in liking to “gamble.” That was about it for the good.

Now, for the bad. The copious bad.

Kevin Pollack. Ugh.
Phil Gordon. Added nothing, except for maybe a couple of times where he commented on how someone should have bet more. Tell the folks why Phil.
The timeline. After the first break they showed a chip-count. I think we had seen 2 or 3 hands up to that point, none of which Affleck or Procter had even been in I think. They show the chip-count and suddenly Affleck is in the lead and Procter is almost empty. I felt like I had been bait and switched in some way. I know they don’t show all the hands on WPT but the continuity is always there.
The table talk. I guess I shouldn’t expect more from a group of celebrities, but wow. Can you say childish?
The play. I guess I should give Garson his props since he knocked out each player himself. But that all-in call was without a doubt the worst play I have seen on televised poker, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worse play live. Ever. Of course Emily Procter gave it her shot with her crying call on the river where she fell in love with pocket threes and called every round despite at least one other player and a board something like AJ4T8. Yes of course there is always a chance the other guy was playing Q2 and was bluffing, so why not throw in all your chips? Wow.

It’s great to see poker on TV. It’s getting hot and with some network exposure on Super Bowl Sunday is going to get even hotter. And that’s a good thing.

Celebrity Poker on Bravo, bad. More new players, good.

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