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by john on December 2, 2003

This poker hand analyzer [link via Up For Poker] is very useful for understanding the odds of a particular hand winning in certain situations.

Here is a contrived example that is fairly illustrative of why Texas Hold’em is such an interesting game.

Consider a two handed showdown between 7d and 2c (the worst starting hand you can have) and As Kh (“Big Slick” – it’s got a name it must be good).

cards     win   %win      lose  %lose       tie   %tie        EV
2c 7d  561312  32.78   1143573  66.79      7419   0.43     0.330
As Kh 1143573  66.79    561312  32.78      7419   0.43     0.670

Even with crap the 72 player has a decent chance heads-up. Throw a measly 2d on the board and suddenly he’s a big favorite.

cards     win   %win      lose  %lose       tie   %tie        EV
2c 7d     746  75.35       244  24.65         0   0.00     0.754
As Kh     244  24.65       746  75.35         0   0.00     0.246

Of course Big Slick is one of those hands that usually needs some improvement to win. That’s the great thing about Hold’em – any two cards can win. Great, of course, except when you hold Bullets heads-up against 72 and this happens.

cards     win   %win      lose  %lose       tie   %tie        EV
2c 7d       1 100.00         0   0.00         0   0.00     1.000
As Ah       0   0.00         1 100.00         0   0.00     0.000

Let that be a lesson to you – don’t slow-play Bullets.

I’m going to be playing in a tournament at Canterbury this Thursday, with any luck I’ll be able to improve on my first showing in the event which was a respectable 22nd out of 144 entrants.

Note to self – get some gifs for card suits and write a macro to display them easily in a post.


zac caito February 15, 2005 at 8:00 am

hi i have a question about having the best hand in “texas hold em”….say my opponent has an 8 and 3 of clubs and I have an 8 and 5 of hearts. The flop comes out 8,8,2 of spades. then the turn comes out 9 of clubs. the the river comes out 10 of diamonds. who wins the hand? My opponent or me? or is it a split pot? please sned me your answer to Thank you.

Lukusss September 29, 2005 at 2:53 pm

it would be a tie. you both have 888 9 10

only 5 cards are used. and those 5 are the best for both of you

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