One Year Down

by john on December 6, 2003

It’s the One Year anniversary of John’s Jottings today. I started the weblog with the intention of learning about how this media could be applicable in business and to a degree I’ve begun to accomplish that – but I still have a long ways to go. I’ve learned about RSS, a bit more about CSS , have had the chance to dabble some in Perl and have learned how a hobby site like this can easily bring in a little revenue. Best of all I’ve actually found some enjoyment in writing.

Some statistics since my first article Snow which talked about a difficult return trip from New York:

* I’ve managed 266 articles for the year, significantly less than my goal of one a day. Need to work on that.
* 504 comments on those articles (most of the spam deleted, first by hand, now by MT-Blacklist)
* Top three commenters were me (84), Joe (49) and Henry (16).
* Top three most commented on articles were Catfish Noodling (101), Joe Millionaire (22) and Recipe – Baklava (20).
* I’ve had 56 trackback pings to articles I’ve written.
* Top three trackbackers were Joe (6), Tony (6) and Robert (4).
* Top three most pinged articles were Now We’re Cooking with Gas (10), and four others tied with 3.

In case you are interested, and for my own benefit next year, here is the SQL I used to generate these statistics.

Some more statistics from the web server logs:

* Average hits per day: 3,866
* Average visitors per day: 396
* Top five search terms (with current Google rank): catfish noodling (1), joe millionaire winner (1), noodling (2), coq au vin (2), how to smoke a cigar (6)

And finally some affiliate statistics:

* Total number of affiliate programs: 3
* Total revenue for the year: $268.60 (expecting much better next year!)
* Most referred book for Amazon: Noodling for Flatheads: Moonshine, Monster Catfish, and Other Southern Comforts (5 books sold)

After a year of posting rebuild times had moved up to the 8 minute mark. Not acceptable. I’ve removed the daily and monthly archives which were really not being used at all and that has gotten my rebuild times down to around 3 minutes. Much better, but I suspect that sometime soon I’ll have to turn off comments on older articles and figure out how to design my pages such that I don’t have to rebuild old articles. Something for another time.

It’s been a good year, thanks to everyone for your support.


Technically Speaking December 6, 2003 at 6:46 am

Congrats to John, 1 year blogging…

John of John’s Jottings is celebrating his first anniversary of blogging. This is a site that I keep track off on a regular basis because there are usually things on it that I find of use. For John’s anniversary post he gives some stats on the status o…

jobert December 7, 2003 at 11:01 am

Hey congratulations!

I still haven’t come around to do that chili recipe of yours.

Again, congratulations!


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