Shortest Business Trip Ever

by john on December 14, 2003

Yesterday was an interesting day. Hopped on the 9:09AM flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, shopped at LAX for 45 minutes and then came right back to Minneapolis in time to take Connor to the Wild game last night. So what would compel me to fly from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and back on a Saturday?

It’s all about the bling-bling. Despite the fact I was on the road almost 100 days last year, most of which was on Northwest, I am only a Silver Elite level frequent flier with them because most of my travels are to Chicago, which only nets me 500 miles each way. However this year I discovered that with my scheduled December travel if I only added one west coast trip I could qualify for the Gold level for 2004, which has some benefits that will make my travel life easier as well as accelerating the bonus points earned.

So I booked the cheapest west coast flight that would result in my being gone the least amount of time and made a quick road trip out of it. As the true geek I am I used the trip to clean out my inbox and prune my laptop – removing unused programs, fixing some folder hierarchies, rearranging my desktop and of course, defragging the disk drive. It’s like having a new machine!

There had been some discussion at work that such an odd schedule would red-flag me at security but it never happened. Nor did any of the flight attendants even say anything to me despite my interaction with the same crew on both legs of the trip. Either I am wholly unremarkable or this is something they see all the time.

And in a sure sign we are getting more and more removed from the memory of September 11th, real knives in First Class again.

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