Good Luck To Saint Johns

by john on December 20, 2003

Good luck to the Johnnies of Saint Johns today as they take on the legendary Mount Union Raiders in the Division III college football championship. I’m a Saint John’s graduate, of a sort, having attended a leadership camp there when I was about 12. So I’ve got a vested interest!

It’s going to be a great game. On the Saint John’s side of the field you have the winningest coach in all of college football, John Gagliardi. I don’t know if this will be his last year or not but what a way to go out if it is.

Mount Union has won 109 out of their last 110 games, a stretch over seven seasons where they have won 6 championships. Smack in the middle of that was the lone loss, 56 games ago, and the Johnnies hope to repeat the upset that Rowan University was able to orchestrate back in 1999. They came close to doing it in 2000 when they lost to the Raiders 10-7 in the title game. Close, but no cigar. Mount Union’s current win streak of 55 is the longest winning streak in the history of college football, topping the 54 game streak that was interrupted by Rowan. Pretty impressive.

It’s the 13-0 Raiders against the 13-0 Johnnies. Good luck men!

[UPDATE: WOW, what an incredible 24-6 win by Saint John’s! Congratulations Johnnies! To put this upset in more perspective Mount Union beat their opponents this year by an average of 50-6. Last week in the semi-finals they won 66-0. After a week in the NFL that showcased “it’s all about me” players like Joe Horn and the sloppy tackling that seems to mark most NFL games this year it was such a pleasure to watch a well coached team like Saint John’s. They hand the ball to the ref after they score, they run hard and they don’t miss tackles. At the start of the game the announcers were talking about Gagliardi’s coaching style and one of them criticized the fact that Gagliardi has a “no tackling” rule in practice. He said he didn’t like that. Then sometime in the third quarter he admitted that Saint John’s was the best tackling team he had ever seen. That’s coaching.]

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