Getting The Best Of It

by john on January 7, 2004

When you are “getting the best of it” in Poker you have the statistical advantage. It isn’t as simple as this really, but in general when you are getting the best of it you want to get your money into the pot and make the other guy beat you. When Chris Moneymaker called Dutch Boyd’s All-In bet in the 2003 WSOP when he held a lowly pair of 3s, he was confident, for whatever reason, that he had the best of it. And while he didn’t have the best of it by much (about a 52% favorite to Boyd’s KQ) it held up and it was one of the key points in his championship victory.

In life, as in Texas Hold’em Poker, one must occasionally look to getting the best of it. Lately I’ve had this feeling that the Sears Tower is going to be attacked by terrorists. Completely irrational, I know, and probably the outcome of watching too much Tom Ridge aglow in orange, yet I can’t help shake this feeling that the tallest building in the US is on someone’s radar. As I have an office in the Tower this irrational thought has some bearing on my mostly rational life.

However, I am getting the best of it and I’m not about to fold. I average 7 days a month in Chicago and with an average of 22 business days a month I figure I’m about a 68% favorite to not be around if something bad goes down. That’s like holding Ah Kh against 7s 3c before the flop and that’s a position I’d like to be in every showdown.

I’m getting the best of it and my money is going into the pot.

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