by john on February 6, 2004

Way too behind on maintaining this place, hoping it will get better soon.

Some things in the pipeline:

Upgrade to MT 2.661
Upgrade to MT-Blacklist v1.63 beta
Upgrade to MT-Textile 2.0
Upgrade to PHP 4.3.4
Upgrade to phpMyAdmin 2.5.5.pl1
Upgrade to Apache 2.0.48
Upgrade to MySQL 4.0.17
Install EZ Subscribe to Comments 1.086b
Release MTGoogleRank v.30
Release BivioNAV v.20
Test MySQL Control Center and MySQL Administrator
Finish redesign
Write article raving about Bloglines
Get dynamic DNS service working

But that’s all going to have to wait for now as I’m not in San Diego anymore, and there’s more snow to blow.

UPDATE: As I write this update 5 years later I thank my lucky stars I moved to WordPress and no longer host my own web servers. There is no way I would have time for all of that extra work!

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