Once In a Blue Moon

by john on February 8, 2004

It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while Google goes down. Or more specifically the Google APIs no longer work as expected. This causes a problem for those of us using Movable Type’s MTGoogleSearch because when Google is having this problem we can no longer rebuild our pages. Which can be frustrating.

Even more frustrating is having released my Google API plugin MTGoogleRank just a couple of weeks before a significant Google API outage. Nothing worse than knowing the problem you are having rebuilding your own pages is now shared by a handful of users who have found value in your plugin. Drats.

Thankfully I found a solution to the problem. In When Google’s Down, The Internet Goes Down Too Jeremy provides a bang-up solution to the MTGoogleSearch problem which I incorporated into my own plugin. I actually haven’t been able to verify that this actually works since Google hasn’t had a problem since I coded it up, but I’m willing to believe.

So, MTGoogleRank v.30 is now released and should be resistant to whatever the perpetually beta Google API can deliver, or not deliver as the case may be.

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