Children Say The Funniest Things

by john on February 14, 2004

We are trying to make sure that our children understand the value of a dollar. While sorting some coins to send to the bank I had this conversation with Connor, who is six:

“Dad, why are we putting the quarters in one bowl and the other coins in another bowl?”
“To make it easier for us to give you quarters for your allowance. I will keep the quarters and put the rest in the bank.”
“I don’t want quarters, I want pennies.”

Of course at this point I’m thinking, “This isn’t my kid.” So I tried to reason with him:

“Connor, let’s say a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards cost $5.00. How many pennies would you need to have to buy one pack?”
“Five hundred. And I almost have three hundred now!”
“Hmm, OK. How many quarters would you need though?”
“Ten? No, twenty.”
“Very good! Ok, now let me put it this way. If we gave you a quarter a day how many days would it take before you could buy a pack of those cards?”
“And how many days would it take if we gave you a penny a day?”
“Five hundred.”

After a slight pause to think about this he said, “I think I already have enough Yu-Gi-Oh cards.”

Then after thinking about it a little more he smiled and said, “You could give me twenty-five pennies every day.”

How can you argue with logic like that?

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