by john on February 15, 2004

Open PVC

You really have to wonder about home builders these days. Are they trying to do too much, too fast? What else can explain how a supposed professional could manage the blunder you see in the picture to the left? That’s above a doorway in our unfinished basement. Tucked in behind a flexible heating duct run is a sawed-off PVC pipe. That pipe leads up to the second floor washing machine, and is designed to handle any water that overflows into the pan the washing machine is sitting on.

What caused us to find this hidden PVC pipe behind that tubing? Well, for whatever reason the washing machine did actually overflow. And the pan did its job, funneling the water into the drain, which funneled the water into the PVC pipe, which did the best it could which unfortunately was nothing more than dumping the water above the doorway in the unfinished basement.

We’ve been in the house for a couple of years now, hopefully the builder will be too embarrassed about this to try to argue that I’m past any warranty period. I’m just glad we hadn’t finished the basement yet. Trust me, we’ll be checking the ends of all the other pipes down there before we do.

[UPDATE – the builder was equally mortified and fixed it ASAP.]

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Jeff Ingalls February 19, 2004 at 7:45 am

That is disturbing on two fronts – the builder, as you mention, but also why the housing inspector didn’t catch it. How disappointing. Oh well – glad to hear you put in a washer pan. We looked at dozens of houses, and several with washing machines up on the main floor or second floor; none had a pan under the washer, which just seems like common sense to me. When we built ours four years ago, we put specified a washer pan be added to the plans for our second-floor laundry. Not but two months after we moved in, the main seal on the washer failed and all the water dumped out of a FULL washer in a matter of seconds. If we hadn’t had the pan, we probably would have had thousands in damage to our new home.

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