Grublog Poker Classic

by john on February 22, 2004

Well, this should be interesting. Looks like there will be 32 players for the first annual Poker Bloggers online tourney, which I qualified for having written a few poker related articles in the past.

I’ve played a handful of tourneys but this is my first time playing online. Should be interesting. I just hope I don’t go out first!

[UPDATE] – Well, that didn’t take too long. Started off planning to play tight but I managed to get a bunch of premium hands that I won with without showing, probably came off as a loose cannon. Bled off way too many chips to a Q when I had a K on a QKxQx board. Got down to 190 chips after playing a weak top pair that lost to two pair. Quickly doubled up a couple of times to get back to 880 but it wasn’t long before I got AQ which I raised to heads up and saw a flop of J88. Checked around, 9 came on the turn and like an idiot I tried to buy the pot, which probably wasn’t a bad move except instead of buying the pot with a pot sized bet I put in all my chips. And was called by JJ. Ouch. Hindsight being 20-20 I should have made a pot sized bet on the flop, then run. Oh well, I’ll try again with the next one which I think is in March.


Scott Chaffin February 23, 2004 at 11:31 am

I didn’t know you were playing in this thing! Then I saw the tournament finish, and thought ‘Hey! I know that guy.’

What did you think of online play? It’s completely out of whack to an old-fashioned game, isn’t it?

john February 24, 2004 at 5:29 am

Congrats on your second place finish Scott – I watched through the end and I was rooting for you. With the blinds accelerating so fast it truly was a crap-shoot though.

I thought on-line play was…. interesting. Other than the occasional fun tourney I won’t be playing it though, there is just too many distractions for me to concentrate as I should. I also can’t get over the feeling of how easy it would be for people to collude. Kids these days are so good and fast at IMing that I think they could easily collaborate outside any system that the poker rooms could catch. With good analysis software they should be able to find patterns in this collusion to identify who is doing it but honestly I doubt they are doing it – it’s not as if they have an immediate liability if someone is working to cheat someone else out.

Finally, I have enough distractions around the house to want to be spending time playing poker here – I like to get out to do so, but having the option of playing at home all the time just isn’t a good option for me. But I can certainly understand why people would do it, and for many I’m sure this is a great experience.

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