Microsoft Giveaway

by john on March 11, 2004

Microsoft Giveaway

Microsoft has been shipping out free copies of Microsoft Office and OneNote and the Army isn’t happy. Army to Gates: Halt the free software says that the Army considers these gifts “places our employees and soldiers in jeopardy of unknowingly committing a violation of the ethics rules and regulations to which they have taken an oath to uphold.”

In Microsoft’s defense, they anticipated this program could be viewed this way and in each package to a government employee they included a note saying that the software could be returned at Microsoft’s expense. “Not every government organization, as we’re learning, finds it to be a valuable program,” Hodson said. Seems to me as though the government, or at least the Army, doesn’t trust its employees to do the right thing.

Interestingly, I too received this gift from Microsoft. What’s odd is that it was sent to my home address and not my work address. For the life of me I can’t figure out how Microsoft would have my home address or why they would view me as someone to whom it would be worthwhile to send $500 worth of software. I’ve registered a few Microsoft games and Windows XP but I wouldn’t think that would be enough.

Not that I’m complaining though. I kind of like OneNote.

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