Marketing 101 for Blogs

by john on March 23, 2004

Dave Pollard from “How to Save The World”: writes about How to Increase Your Readership. Dave’s typical article has an informative graphic and well thought out prose and this one is no different. If you write a weblog you should read this article. Hell, read it even if you don’t.

I had an interesting experience this weekend that aligns very well with a few of Dave’s points. I happened to be up pretty early Sunday morning and was looking for something to write about. Some recent discussions of “TypeKey”: struck a chord so I spent a little time consolidating what a few others’ had been saying about it, added a few of my own thoughts, and penned (can I say that?) More on TypeKey. I certainly wasn’t the first to write about it, and I probably wasn’t the first to summarize what other webloggers had been saying about TypeKey, but I definitely was the first to get a link from Scripting News, which caused an amazing spike to not only my direct traffic but also my “link traffic.” I’ve had over 400 referrals from Scripting News, 10 other sites linked to my article and I made Daypop Top 40, “Popdex”: and “Blogdex”: (popularity index sites, all).

Now whether this will generate any additional regular readership is debatable. And by far the biggest factor in this scenario was the link from Dave Winer, the author of perhaps the longest running blog on the Internet, Scripting News. But there is no doubt that writing about something first (basically) and writing about something hot had an immediate benefit that could help to build a growing base of readers.

Or not. Maybe the message is to be a link-whore to the A-List blogerati. Whatever works, I guess.

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