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by john on March 23, 2004


“SeatGuru”: has been around for awhile, having been a “Yahoo! Pick of The Week”: way back in 2002, but for some reason despite being on the road 80-90 days a year I only recently was made aware of it. And a good thing too – I’ll be traveling 40 days over the next three months (business and pleasure) and two of those trips are to Europe on a plane (McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30) that I’m not familiar with. So when I booked my tickets I grabbed what looked to me to be a good seat, 22A. SeatGuru told me otherwise:

bq(quote).. Seat 22 A is generally regarded as not a great seat because of how the exit door protrudes into your space. It is possible to angle your legs and get good legroom, but you may still find it uncomfortable. It can also be cold due to the air seals in the door. Also the tray table is in the armrest, so the seat may be a little narrower and the armrests don’t lift up so you can’t spread across rows.

That’s the yellow seat showing in the picture. Doesn’t sound too attractive for an eight hour flight. But that seat right next to it sounds a little better and so I snapped it up:

bq(quote).. Seat 22 B has very good legroom unlike the seat next to it. You have a little less room on takeoff and landing with the flight attendant in front of you, but during the flight, the space should be all yours.

I then went into some of the plane configurations that I am familiar with and found that the seats I favor were all green at SeatGuru, which makes it pretty clear to me that they have it nailed.

I won’t be booking a trip without it again.

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SeatGuru Rocks!

Shyam: “How did Prashant find such good seats on the flight?”

Ram: “Yeah, Bugger! We booked our tickets before him and even arrived at the airport before him!”

Ghanshyam: “Dudes, don’t tell me you didn’t know about SeatGuru a…

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