by john on April 28, 2004


Had a good week in Copenhagen last week. Accomplished what I set out to at work, got to know some new people, and had a little time to spend exploring the city at night. Those cobblestone walking streets are killer on your ankles though!

Each morning started off with what I’ve experienced to be a pretty typical continental Europe breakfast – bread, sliced meats and cheese and this being Denmark, of course a danish. I learned how to say that in Danish, it’s something like venebrol. Lunch was something different every day as we have a chef in the office who prepares a great buffet every day with some traditional Danish fare (open faced sandwich fixings), fancy stuff like stuffed avocados or raw salmon, and then a different warm dish every day like Thai Chicken Curry or Mexican. Great stuff. Dinner was pretty varied as we tried various places out, but nothing too traditional. In fact on our last night there we went to a Mediterranean Buffet at RizRaz that was pretty good.

Unfortunately I had to leave early Saturday morning so I didn’t get to do any real site-seeing. I’ll be in Stockholm in a couple of weeks and I’ll get a weekend there to do some. Maybe. I was thinking of taking a day trip to the Arctic Circle while I was there. Now that would be cool.


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Anita Rowland April 28, 2004 at 9:06 am

The Danish word for Danish is Wienerbrod — Vienna bread!

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