Las Vegas Trip Report – Day One

by john on April 30, 2004

I’m in Vegas for the World Series of Poker, the event I’m in today is the $1,500 No-Limit. Most people know the WSOP by the final championship event which takes place later in May, which is a $10,000 buy-in event. But there are about 30 other events that go on over the period of a month or so.

I got in Wednesday evening/Thursday morning about midnight so I really had a full day yesterday and so far everything has gone pretty well. I got a first class upgrade on the flight, there was some confusion about my reservation at Harrah’s so they gave me the original deal I had before I had to change my plans, which was two nights comped and the other two nights at $60 per night. Then I played a little craps before going to bed and won $500. A nice start to the trip.

After a paltry two hours sleep (forgot to take the Benedryl) I had something to eat, played a little $2/4 no-limit at Bellagio and then made my way to the Horseshoe downtown. When I first came to Vegas I would walk downtown – now I can’t even fathom doing that and am happy to pay the $12 cab fare.

I played in a couple of satellite tournaments finishing 3rd twice (winner gets tokens good for a seat in today’s event). I had only planned on playing two so I went to the 4 Queens to play some craps and won $200 which I used for another satellite. In that one I managed to get to heads-up and we agreed to a deal where I got 2 $500 entry chips and the other guy got one with the $120 and I picked up the tip. I had him heavily out-chipped when we started heads-up and I didn’t want to do a deal but after he won a few hands I sensed things were moving in the wrong direction so I offered and he accepted. I think I got a pretty good deal based on the chip count – in fact I would have been willing to throw in another $100 if he had asked.

After that I milled around a little watching the first day of the pot limit Omaha event which was filled with a number of name players and also the final table of Wednesday’s $1000 no-limit with rebuys event which was being filmed by ESPN. When you get to watch these events live you realize (if you didn’t already) just how much is being edited – it’s pretty boring to watch.

Went back to the hotel and actually managed to get a good night’s sleep so I feel ready for today’s event. I will probably play in one more satellite to get warmed up and then it’s the real deal. I don’t have high hopes to make the final table but I’ll give it my best shot.

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