Las Vegas Trip Report – Day Three

by john on May 4, 2004

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Saturday was my last full day in Vegas and I spent most of it at Bellagio playing craps and $2/4 no-limit ($200 max buy-in). I would have preferred playing a higher buy-in but the next highest up was a $10/20 with a $600 minimum buy-in which is a little deceiving, you would really want to buy-in for a couple grand in that game, and be willing to stomach $5,000+ pots which I am just not prepared to do.

There were two $2/4 tables running – one was the main table and the other the must-move feeder. I got up to about $700 on the feeder table and really didn’t want to move but after a couple of hours I got the call and moved to the main table where for a couple of hours I vacillated between $500 and $900, never able to bust out of that range. I finally quit after a bad play in which I called a $100 raise holding K::hJ::h with a board of T::d6::dK::c2::sA::s. I had my opponent on a flush draw and rightly figured his raise as trying to show an Ace. I felt it exactly right yet instead of raising I just called and he showed K::dQ::d to make a big dent in my stack that caused me to leave only a $200 winner. I hate when I know what my opponent has and make the wrong play.

One funny story from earlier in the day on the feeder table. There was a guy to my left who was new to poker and he didn’t know what chopping was. Twice I asked him if he wanted to chop and both times he said “let me look at my cards first.” So the third time I asked again and before he had a chance to look at his cards I raised him $30 blind. Of course he didn’t notice I had not looked at my cards. Just my luck he called. Board of low cards came and I bet another $60 blind again. He went into the tank and I’m thinking how stupid I am for playing blind for this much. He finally mucks and I flip my cards over for the first time to see A::cA::s! And not 5 minutes earlier I had complained of not seeing bullets yet on my trip (I got them twice more on the main table, once against the same guy when he also had bullets).

Made a losing bet on the Kentucky Derby but enjoyed watching it from the table with an absolutely packed sports book right next door.

Overall a very good trip – I actually finished ahead in poker which I had not realistically expected given my chances in the $1,500 no-limit tournament. Some bad craps luck made me a $500 loser but that’s pretty good for three days of entertainment if you ask me.

I’m going to try to be a good boy all year so I can go again in 2005.

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