Twins Back On Television

by john on May 8, 2004

This has been a very difficult season to be a “Minnesota Twins”: fan, particularly one like me who doesn’t get the chance (nor enjoy due to the Dome) to attend many games.

Last year the Twins brain-trust created their own cable network, Victory Sports One, and they set about the arduous task of getting it picked up by cable providers so that fans could actually see the games they were televising. Unfortunately while Victory was able to garner deals with many small out-state cable systems they were never able to get a deal done with the biggies like Comcast which effectively meant that for most Twins fans in Minnesota the team would only be seen on TV about 30 times throughout the year as they played nationally televised games and other specials.

Thankfully the Twins have come to their senses, listened to their upset fans, and have done something about it. Yesterday they “inked a deal with Fox Sports Net”: to show the Twins in this region for the next eight years. Victory Sports will be disbanded and local Twins fans get what they wanted all along – the chance to tune in every night to see if home town baseball prodigy “Joe Mauer”: is back playing yet.

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