Movable Type 3.0 Pricing Firestorm

by john on May 13, 2004

Six Apart, the makers of TypePad and Movable Type, today released Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition, the first 3.0 release generally available to the public. Along with this version they introduced the first real pricing scheme they have used to date. Until this release every version of MT was given away for free and donations were accepted. I gave $20 once I knew I would be using it regularly.

The new pricing ranges from $99.95 ($69.95 intro price) to $699.95. According to Mena’s introductory post there will also be a free version but it is definitely losing some valued features that users are accustomed to, such as being on the updated weblog list on To say the feedback of this new pricing scheme has been negative would be an understatement.

As for myself, I still plan to buy the personal edition at the discounted price of $69.95. I’ve already donated $20 which allows me to discount it down to $49.95 and as I’m currently generating about $1.75 a day in secondary revenue on this very modestly visited site I’ll have my fee paid for in a little less than a month. I’d wager that many of the people who run commercial sites who are bitching about the $699.95 fee could easily generate enough revenue in a month to pay for this license. If the software helps you get there simply then why not pay for it?

I saw somewhere, I can’t find it now, where someone said that they predicted that within a year WordPress would have more users than Movable Type. Non-paying users, of course. I’m sure Six Apart won’t be losing any sleep over that what with a robust TypePad meeting most normal users needs and MT 3.0 paying for itself for most anyone else.


Dasme May 13, 2004 at 5:09 pm

Good post, but there is one flaw with your reasoning. You are generating revenue from your blog, therefore you no longer are classified as a “Personal User”. You would have to purchase a Commercial License or you would be breaking the licensing terms.

From the “get help choosing a license” page:
Step 1: Are you going to use Movable Type for commercial purposes?
Select “Yes” if you are using Movable Type in a business, organization, or institution, or in any income producing activity.

Not that I agree with this, but figured I would point it out any ways. any blog with ads will have to purchase one of these licenses the cheapest being $199.95. I still find it hard to digest such a huge change that was done overnight :\

john May 14, 2004 at 5:34 am

Well hell, you are right. OK, now I’m pissed! 🙂

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