Icebar Stockholm

by john on May 20, 2004

Absolut Icebar Stockholm

I never did get to the Arctic Circle this trip as I had hoped – I waited until the last minute to book my ticket and by then it had become prohibitively expensive. My bad. One of the places I had hoped to visit was the Ice Hotel in JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden. This hotel, which gets rebuilt every December, sounds pretty incredible. 5,000 square meters, 25 suites, 60 bedrooms, a full ice bar, the works. All made out of ice. Even the beds are made out of ice. Slabs of ice covered in reindeer pelts. Sounds chilly. Of course even being the Arctic Circle things can’t last forever:

Sadly, the sun’s rays begin to melt the newly built Icehotel in late April. Although the last guests check out at the end of April, work continues into June, by which time Icehotel has become water hotel.

OK, so I would have visited the site of the Ice Hotel. While I wouldn’t be seeing the Ice Hotel and the full-sized Ice Bar there I did get to go to the second best thing – the Absolut Icebar in Stockholm. Located in the Nordic Sea Hotel just outside of the Central Station, the Icebar is a year-round fixture at the hotel, built into what is essentially a very large freezer.

The Icebar

Most everything here is built from ice. The walls, the bar, the tables, even the glasses. I’ve been to Red Square at Mandalay bay in Las Vegas which features a bar with a strip of ice running down the middle of it, but this bar is 100% ice. They also don’t hand out parkas and gloves at Mandalay Bay like they do here.

A peek into the Icebar from outside
Ice glasses
An ice table
The Icetender

You’ve got to like Absolut Vodka if you come here, because that’s all you’ll get. Lots of fancy colorful drinks, all with Absolut vodka in ice glasses. I took a few bites out of my glass after draining the drink. Can’t do that every day.

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