Dissing Technorati

by john on July 31, 2004

In “The Mythical Million”:http://www.johnsjottings.com/archives/2003/10/04/the_mythical_million.html I called Technorati’s claim to tracking a million weblogs bunk, based on what I saw in my own link cosmos: numerous examples of weblogs that Technorati called unique but were clearly not. I debated even writing the darned thing because of all the love that was out there for Technorati at the time but alas it didn’t matter much as my article got no play. Everyone took Dave’s word at face value.

But the veneer on the love coating Technorati is starting to crack. The website has been dog-slow for a long time. And apparently even those who paid money for some of the advanced features never got what they paid for. As Adam Greenfield writes in Not ready for prime time:

bq(quote).. Now I’m mad. I surely hope this is not a harbinger of more and more pervasive bad faith from Technorati as they grow. I wish them success, and still appreciate the really cool and useful free service they provide (when it’s up), but this is just not acceptable. Especially from people who should presumably be able to quote “Cluetrain”:http://www.cluetrain.com/ chapter and verse in their sleep.

I don’t begrudge them the $5, or at least I didn’t while they were a brave indie venture, but now that they’re clearly headed for bigger and better things my standards are a little bit higher. I expect Technorati, quite simply, to make good on the promises it makes its users. Do that, or don’t bother.

For the moment, I feel like a stepping stone, and I don’t like it one little bit.

I can imagine Adam felt some regret writing about his troubles and probably thought that with all the love (and VCs) surrounding Technorati that his article may get some negative attention. Well guess what – he’s spot on. And that’s one story you won’t be seeing on “politics.technorati.com”:http://politics.technorati.com/


Richard Evans Lee August 3, 2004 at 7:04 am

A year ago my daily emails from Technorati were pretty good. There were sites that linked to me that they’d miss but all of them were on Blogspot.

I renewed my email subscription about the time they started growing. They rarely arrive, when they do they don’t show any links at all even though I know there’ve been new ones.

A pity. It used to be a nice way to find people who liked something I wrote but hadn’t trackbacked the entry and people who’d added me to there blogrolls.

Kevin Marks August 7, 2004 at 5:13 am

John, I’m sorry you’ve had troubles with Technorati.
We do now have more than 3 million blogs, and we try to remove duplicates. We also have more them 400 million links to keep track of, and we are working to improve speed over time.
Looking at your cosmos now I don’t see the duplication issue you mentioned.

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