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by john on September 24, 2004

Deane has a great writeup on Experts Exchange, which is a terrific resource for resolving those tough IT questions we all occasionally face. I used to use it quite a lot a few years ago but had forgotten about it over the years. Recently I have clicked-through to there from Google searches but couldn’t see the answer because I’ve long forgotten my login credentials and a quick check of the sign-up page made me think they had gone to a pay-only model.

However Deane’s article made me look closer and I found they do still offer a free sign-up, although it is a bit hard to find. After you click on the Create a New Account link click on the read more link under “Earn Your Membership” – that will allow you to sign up for free.

Use the really interesting EE Quickpost that Deane found and you will be on your way to earning some points. Keep them for that time you have a really sticky problem.

Great resource.


Jeff April 14, 2005 at 10:40 pm

Try cancelling your subscription to Experts Exchange. You need to be a computer expert to find the cancelation page and then the info requested is needlessly detailed. All together I’d say I was ripped off by “The Experts.”

David Givoni July 20, 2006 at 5:25 pm

You might find that our recently launched site,, does an even better job than experts-exchange.
It’s tagbased, uses AJAX technology and it’s not plastered with ads. And it is possible to use for free.
Check it out…

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