New Ride

by john on November 1, 2004

Well the “test drive”: sold me and six weeks later I’ve picked up my new ride. It ended up being between the “BMW 330xi”: and a Suburu Legacy. The Suburu is a nice car – but in the end I decided that when I was 45 (about the time I’ll be ready to hand this down) I’d rather be driving a used BMW than a used Suburu. Weird maybe, but there it is.

“Buying a Car”: (link via Inluminent) has some good suggestions but I would encourage any car buyer to use any site like as just one resource. I ended up being able to get a 2005 for just $700 over invoice which is significantly less than Edmunds says people are paying. I did it by having done my research and playing off a number of dealers against each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for something, especially if there is a fear of losing you. Don’t worry they won’t sell it to you at a price where they aren’t still making money.

I’m in Chicago this week and Tokyo next so this past weekend was about all the driving I’ll be able to do for awhile. Hopefully it’s still in one piece when I get home.

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