Tokyo Cinema

by john on November 7, 2004

Today I saw the movie “Saw”: at the “Virgin Toho Cinemas”: in Roppongi Hills. I like to watch movies in other countries. For one thing most of the theaters outside the US serve beer. This one was no exception.

There were some differences from what I’ve experienced in Europe, however. For starters the movie cost 1,800 Yen (about $17). If I read it right I believe the matinee price was 1,500 Yen. Yowza, that’s expensive.

The other interesting difference was that there were assigned seats. You picked out where you wanted to sit ahead of time very much like if you were attending a Broadway show.

Finally, in addition to regular popcorn they also served carmel corn. I couldn’t help myself.

Saw is one insane movie, by the way. I can see why some don’t like it but I did. I do, however, expect to have nightmares tonight and I’m not looking forward to that.

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