An Interesting Day in Chicago

by john on December 6, 2004

I don’t write about my Chicago trips much because they are mostly pretty boring – NWA from Minneapolis to Chicago Midway, Orange Line to Quincy, work at the Sears Tower, stay at the Club Quarters. The occasional dinner that isn’t room service. Every couple of weeks. Boring, boring, boring.

But today is turning out to be pretty interesting. First the flight here is the one that got me from Gold to Platinum on NWA, 75,000 miles this year. A lot of that 500 miles at a time to Chicago and back. Ugh. Then the fog was so bad at Midway that after circling for an hour and an aborted landing that got us to within a couple hundred feet of the ground we ended up landing at O’Hare instead of Midway, which is really a pain for me because the Blue Line to downtown takes about 20 minutes longer than the Orange line from Midway.

Then while walking back from dinner at “Rivers”: my boss got a call about a fire downtown. As we walked toward our hotel we realized it was very close to the Club Quarters, and in fact our block was roped off with police tape. We had to show our room cards to get under the tape and when we got to the door of the hotel we were able to get a good view of the “fire which is currently still burning”: and is on the 29th floor of the LaSalle Bank Building right next to my hotel. In fact I can now smell smoke from my room and can hear the news helicopters overhead. Should make for an interesting night. I’m watching the fire coverage on TV and it is still blazing pretty good.

We tried staying outside for a bit to watch but they asked us to go inside to get away from the “flying glass.”

I’ve got my sweats on and I’m ready to evacuate if necessary.

I think I like boring better.

p(update). [UPDATE] – Blogs of War has a “good timeline”: of the fire.


Blogs of War December 6, 2004 at 11:28 pm

Chicago High-Rise Fire: LaSalle National Bank Building

8:00pm CST – This is a 5 alarm fire. The highest level alarm issued by Chicago Fire Department

8:09pm CST – Alarm sounded at 6:30pm but the fire is still growing.

8:14pm CST – The live webcam on the burning building is still operational!

Speed of Thought... December 6, 2004 at 11:59 pm

Chicago Fire

Blogs of War has the story covered. Interesting that none of the news channels are…

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