I’ll Take A Few Shares

by john on January 6, 2005

“Six Apart acquires Live Journal”:http://www.sixapart.com/press/weblogging_software_leader_six_apar.shtml in their next step to world domination. Dave “speculates”:http://archive.scripting.com/2005/01/06#ventureCapital101 on an IPO in the future. Well duh. Their VCs didn’t invest all that money without an exit strategy and the exit strategy that provides the 100 bagger they are looking for is an IPO. That’s 100 times their initial investment. Why do I say that? Because a VC is looking to make 10 times their money and the way they do it is to invest in 10 companies knowing 9 will implode and hoping one is a home run. Least I think that’s the way it works. Maybe “Brad Feld”:http://www.feld.com/blog/index.php can write something about that if he hasn’t already.

Why “Jay”:http://www.jayallen.org/journey/2005/01/six_apart_acquires_livejournal seems to be “annoyed”:http://www.blogherald.com/2005/01/06/sixapart-ipo-speculation-starts/#comment-10181 that Dave would say an IPO is in Six Apart’s future is beyond me. It’s obvious. Having been through an IPO with a company not that much bigger than Six Apart I’m jealous as hell.

Maybe those of us who helped float Six Apart by paying for those licenses could be rewarded with a handful of IPO shares. 🙂

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