TechNet Virtual Lab

by john on January 20, 2005


The “Microsoft TechNet Virtual Lab”: has been available for a few months but I was only recently introduced to it. Great idea and execution! Using software powered bu “Surgient”: Microsoft is able to provide training environments for applications like Live Communication Server, Exchange, SQL Server, MOM, SMS, simply through the power of a browser. Surgient’s Virtual Demo Management System was “nominated”: for a 2005 Codie Award on the strength of this implementation.

I think it’s a great way for someone to get their feet wet with an application without having to do anything with a local server. I did an install of Live Communication Server and would be ready to do it for real if necessary.

Coolest part of the lab for me was when I had to step away from the lab for a few minutes and I came back to a running screen saver. It truly is a window into a real server, it’s really pretty cool.

Free for anyone, simple registration is all that is required. Give it a shot.

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