by john on January 25, 2005

A couple of years ago I was at the headquarters of “”: discussing their solution with a group of SFDCers when I opined that at some point they would offer up the software for license to those companies who wanted to run it on their own infrastructure. For those who don’t know, is a hosted solution and they pride themselves on it, to the point that their phone number is 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE. They said it would never happen.

It hasn’t yet, and perhaps they were right and it never will, but that doesn’t mean other vendors aren’t seizing the opportunity. “SugarCRM”: provides an impressive array of options from someone looking for a low cost CRM solution. They have an “opensource version”: you can get for free, a more “robust solution”: you can host yourself, a number of “hosted options”: and even a turnkey hardware solution called “SugarCube”: which is a rack-and-go solution.

I found the online “demo”: very compelling. The solution seems very robust, and I think it is worth a look for anyone looking to get up to speed fast on CRM with a minimum commitment.

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