Creeping P.C.

by john on January 29, 2005

Political Correctness has run amuck. First it was the kids’ Science Fair where ribbons were awarded for “participation” but that was it. But that was subjective judging so part of me can rationalize it.

But today was Connor’s Pinewood Derby contest for Cub Scouts, his first time. He had a lightning fast car, finishing 1st in every heat but one where he finished second, taking second place in his Den and overall finishing 4th in the Pack of about 55 racers. Really a day to be proud of. He also won a trophy for “most patriotic.” Each participant won a design trophy.

Interestingly one of the other kids in his pack had an even faster car, finishing 1st in the Den and 2nd in the Pack. As they called the awards for Connor’s Den I expected to hear his name called for 2nd place but it wasn’t – they gave him the 1st place trophy instead!

Why? Because they have a rule that no kid can get three trophies – so the top three finishers in the Pack did not receive a Den trophy, meaning everyone below them was moved up a notch.

Connor is very happy with his 1st place trophy although he is a bit puzzled by it since he knows one of his den-mates had a faster car. They are kids. They compete. Of course they know this, just like they keep score in team sports even if the coaches don’t.

Drives me nuts. 2nd place in the Den and 4th in the Pack is in incredible achievement. And he has the 1st place trophy to prove it.

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RKB February 6, 2005 at 11:47 am

Sheesh. Part of the point of competition at young ages is learning how to handle both winning and losing. Putting artificial limits on the number of trophies somebody can win teaches a different lesson altogether.

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