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by john on February 23, 2005

Anyone who has only experienced poker on television really has no idea how boring the game can truly be. Heavily edited, most hands on TV actually have some level of action and interesting play. Normal poker can be plenty boring, but even so it can be interesting to watch real poker in action.

The Bicycle casino in California is now offering a show called “Live at the Bike”: which gives you a view into a real poker game, unedited in all it’s real-world glory. From the guy in seat 9 asking for some honeydew for his fruit plate to the guys on the rail dropping the effinheimers this is truly a glimpse into what a poker room really is all about.

The show has a couple of commentators, Denny and Shirley, whoever they are, and the hole cards are exposed so you do get to see hands just like on a normal TV broadcast. For those interested in sharing your own commentary head over to “2+2”: and look for that night’s official Live at the Bike thread. But if you do that I’ll call you a nerd for sure.

The show is live on Wednesdays through Saturdays from 6-10PM PST. I understand the game changes periodically – tonight it is $200/NL with 3/5 blinds, and it’s plenty tight – which means it’s even more boring than usual. But it is oddly compelling. They just announced that tomorrow’s game will be 400/800 blinds, that’s dollars not cents. Yowza.

You will need to register to view the show.

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