Greasemonkey Example

by john on May 23, 2005

I’ve mentioned Greasemonkey to a few people and in particular Mark Pilgram’s excellent Dive Into Greasemonkey Tutorial but until I saw this screencast I really didn’t have any great examples of how useful it could be. In this example, which I found via Simon Willison, user scripting is used to greatly enhance a SAP technical support page which by default does not include links to other articles it references by number. A script was written to change the page from the client that inserts links where links didn’t exist. I doubt whether too many sales guys using are going to be writing Greasemonkey scripts to add features to the application but who knows? Pretty darned cool to know you can.

Like a lot of applications that interact with web pages it works best with pages that follow a consistent format. I suspect some pretty useful scripts will be developed for sites like Amazon, E*bay, etc.

I just wish I had the time to actually play with it more.

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