Next Generation of Fantasy Football?

by john on June 21, 2005

I’ve played fantasy football off and on for the last 20 years or so. I’m certainly not a fantasy addict – I’ve never played anything but football and in only a few years have I played in more than one league. And there have been many years I haven’t played at all, usually depending on my mood and/or “busyness” that fall.

Still, I think I’m pretty well qualified to comment on what could be the next generation of fantasy football. After all, I did draft Isaac Bruce in 1995 in the 12th round.

“”: is not only a new tool for managing a fantasy football league but it also introduces a significant new way of managing a team: live, as it happens – just like a real coach.

Anyone who has played fantasy football knows that one of the biggest frustrations is not knowing for sure if your star player is going to play with that minor hamstring injury. Or the major one, depending on what the team is trying to hide. Too often games are played with the injury reports – leading you to start or not start a player at the completely wrong time.

No worries with the GameDayCoach system – because you can make real-time changes you can make that substitution right for the game time scratch. Of course you can also take someone out who is playing poorly, put that rookie in who is having a surprise game, etc. The UI of GameDayCach promises to make finding what substitutions you should make easy, and doing them even easier. While they haven’t posted any demos yet I’ll bet it’s pretty slick.

The site is a work in progress but I have confidence that before the season begins it will be complete. I was impressed to hear radio ads for GameDayCoach during the Vikings draft report show on KFAN earlier this year. Clearly these guys are making the neccessary investment to making this a success.

Commissioners, if you are interested in taking your fantasy football to the next level, step up to

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RKB June 22, 2005 at 4:22 pm

Thanks, John. We’re pretty excited about bringing this idea to a wider audience.

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