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by john on August 10, 2005

My boss volunteered me to be a member of our new corporate blogging policy committee. First meeting is tomorrow. Yes there is a lawyer on the committee. Yes I am going to try to limit the legalese. I guess depending on the outcome of the policy I may be able to write more about my experiences with this. We’ll see.

As I “wrote”: way back on December 11th, 2002, I started this weblog because I saw potential in the medium for use in business and I wanted to learn more about it. Almost three years later and I finally get to start putting a bit of that knowledge to work.

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Adina Levin August 19, 2005 at 9:50 am

You may have seen IBM’s blogging policy and Sun’s policy. These examples might be useful to your company. Both IBM and Sun encourage employee blogging, with common sense guidelines.

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