STFU, Coleen Rowley

by john on August 18, 2005

When I read Joe’s “STFU, Cindy Sheehan”: it reminded me a lot of my own “Someone Tell Coleen Rowley To Shut Up”: (in hindsight I prefer Joe’s brevity).

And then what do I read today? “Coleen Rowley to Join Cindy Sheehan Protest”:

What I wrote then stands all the truer today:

bq(quote). Going from an unknown FBI agent of 22 years in the Gulag that is the Minneapolis bureau, Rowley has transformed her position and has crossed the line from honest whistle-blower hoping to make change to a publicity-grubbing agent who has let fame go to her head.

What a poser. STFU.


Joe Grossberg August 19, 2005 at 7:18 am

They remind me of the Israeli settler giving the Nazi salute — — or the various ones who word (orange) “Jude” armbands.

They just hurt their own cause. It’s like if the GOP chose Jerry Falwell as their convention’s keynote speakers.

The sad thing is that many reasonable anti-war folks don’t seem to get that GWB’s ideal strategy is to just let Cindy Sheehan keep talking; she’s digging herself a bigger and bigger hole with the insane remarks she makes.

charles crawley August 23, 2005 at 8:56 am

Qouted of Rowley in StarTrib:

“People who warn the country are terrorists”

Newp…sorry, Paul Revere never crashed his horse into a crowd of Americans, then set fire to em…and the British WERE coming.

Seems these folks fail to realize that 9/11 is STILL happening…every american soldier who falls is a victim of the same terrorists. Every human being who dies in a car bombing is a victim of the same war. The war didn’t start when the U.S went to Iraq. The war started even before 9/11…America is just fighting back now. Thanks Vets.

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