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by john on September 5, 2005

Google Heat Map

I haven’t been paying much attention to this web site this year, and as a consequence the revenue I am generating from it has declined significantly. Not that I was making much from it, as you’ll see below, but every little bit counts. I’ve been able to maintain a pagerank of 6/10 according to my page rank checker despite my lack of new content but I am not taking advantage of it as best I could. I did a redesign at the beginning of the year and made one fatal design decision that had the biggest impact on my revenue, other than not writing as much as I should. The image you see here is a heat map from Google which suggests best placement for Adsense ads. In my redesign I placed my Adsense ads in a vertical strip to the lower right of my content. As you can see from the heatmap that is the very worst place to put it!

I will be slowly moving away from that placement but in the meanwhile I have made a different change, adding an Amazon ad and an Adsense text link ad to the bottom of each article. The Amazon ad uses the keywords I have defined for the article (which the tags use as well). Got the idea from Joe who has implemented a similar solution but has made it more user friendly because he handpicks which books show. I don’t have the time for that, particularly since I wanted to get these out to some of my older articles where I generate good traffic, however I did try to make this less obtrusive for my loyal readers (rather than people coming via search, which is where I get most of my revenue anyway) by not including the ads in my syndication feeds.

Of course I implemented this using my tips from Using Adsense Channels in Movable Type – here are some more Adsense tips if you are interested.

Here is an accounting for the revenue this site has generated since I incorporated ads:

2003 2004 2005*
Google $283.16 $463.52 $156.95
Amazon $21.92 $46.93 $28.10

* – 2005 results estimated based on current daily averages.^

The Amazon revenue is from their Associates program. As I have mentioned before I am also selling stuff through their Marketplace program and my results so far there are $360.61 in sales in 2004 and $718.53 in sales in 2005, but of course I don’t consider that web site revenue. Still, if you are looking to make a little money on some of the books and software you have lying around Amazon is a much better way to sell it than eBay, in my opinion.

My goal for 2006 is to improve upon my 2004 numbers (I would like to dismiss 2005 as an aberration). I will achieve this goal by increased Amazon ads, improved placement of Adsense ads along with additional ads, and more good content. And hopefully I can do this in a way that is not bothersome for those of you who stop by here occasionally. As always, feedback welcomed.

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Jay September 7, 2006 at 4:17 pm

I took your advice and repositioned the ads on my page inline with the heat map you provided I also used some tips I found in this improve adsense revenue guide – – and have had very impressive results seeing a practically instant increase in revenue after the change in ad position. So thankyou for your post.

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