A Jerk and a Moron

by john on September 20, 2005

After many years as a waiter I can say with complete confidence that someone who treats waiters well is not neccessarily a good guy overall, but anyone who treats waiters poorly can be easily classified as a jerk and a moron.

Today I think I found another indicator. I’m in line at security at the airport just starting to put my stuff on the rollers that lead up to the conveyer belt that brings our personal belongings through the scanner. The guy in front of me is doing the same and once he gets everything on he proceeds through the metal detector without pushing through his stuff. It’s all still sitting there on the rollers except for his first bag.

What, he wants me to push it through for him? I didn’t feel like making a scene so I just pushed it through. Maybe he’s just dumb, I think.

After my stuff gets pushed through (by me) I walk through the metal detector but am held up by the TSA agent manning the scanner who asks me if this keychain she is holding is mine. I say it isn’t. She points to the guy in front of me and says it isn’t his so am I sure it isn’t mine? At this point I can see why she is interested in the keychain – not only does it have a torch lighter attached to it but it is also sporting a mini box-cutter. Nice.

At this point I decided I didn’t care if I made a scene if for no other reason than I knew he was going to be held up for his contraband. I looked at the TSA agent and said, perhaps a little louder than I needed to, “he’s a moron, it’s his.”

“Oh yeah, that is mine,” he says. I left before I heard them give him the lecture.

What a jerk. What a moron.

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Joe Grossberg September 21, 2005 at 12:05 pm

It would have been even meaner if you let it slide, and then the dude arrived home without his car or house keys.

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