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by john on October 5, 2005

Henry Blodget

Do you know this man? The Motley Fool “said”: “No one person represents the wretched excess of the Internet stock bubble” like him. He came to fame in 1998 when he put a $400 target price on “AMZN”: when it was trading at around $200 and only a couple of weeks later it broke through his price target. A bit later he was kicked off of Wall Street during a regulatory investigation, not admitting guilt but still paying out a huge fine. Or as he “describes”: it, “my Wall Street career was not uneventful.” That would be putting it mildly.

Well, it’s Henry Blodget and he has recently joined the blogging ranks, laying anchor at his blog Internet Outsider. Google seems to be his current topic of interest. Of course “his call”: on GOOG so far has not been so good, warning from the beginning that it was more like gambling than investing. It is possible he may get the last laugh there, but I doubt it.

Despite that, I say worth subscribing.

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