I’m a Spam Blogger

by john on November 12, 2005

I’ve officially sold my soul to the devil. I’m now a spam blogger.

Well, not really. At least I don’t think so – I guess you’ll have to tell me if I am. In my never ending quest to try out more weblog technology and to benefit from the fact I can host multiple domains on my Dreamhost account (ok and to try to make some money), I’ve setup (or more accurately started to setup, because I have a lot of work to do) blogs called “All Knives”:http://knives.itemblogs.com and “All Tools”:http://tools.itemblogs.com where I post daily on the two subjects.

I’m using WordPress for the sites and I must say I really, really like it. In fact at this point I dare say I like it better than Movable Type. It’s really slick.

So why can I write on these spam blogs (I really should stop calling them that) every day and I can barely write on here a few times a month? Well I’m actually writing a couple weeks worth of articles at a time and then post-dating them. WordPress handles that well except I’m still having trouble getting the pings to Pingomatic happening when I went.

So what am I writing about? Well, yesterday’s article was on the “Battle Axe of Gimli”:http://knives.itemblogs.com/2005/11/11/battle-axe-of-gimli/ but that’s a pretty bad example because there is really no original text on my part. That was I think the 10th article I had written in a row and I was getting tired! A better example would be the one about my “Swiss Army Knife”:http://knives.itemblogs.com/2005/11/04/swiss-army-cybertool-41-translucent-pocket-knife/ although reading it now I have to admit it’s pretty lame.

There really is no end to my shamelessness.

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