Sore Dogs in Vegas

by john on November 19, 2005

Today is my last day at work in Vegas – 16 hours Monday, 14 on Tuesday, 17 on Wednesday, 12 on Thursday and 11 on Friday. Today looks like it will only be 8. I wish I had put a pedometer on at the start of this because I have done a ton of walking and my feet are totally shot. User Conferences are hard work to run but it’s a pretty fun change of pace for me. But I have to say a “Segway”: would have been pretty cool for roaming the halls of our conference center. Did I mention my feet are killing me?

Didn’t see too many interesting things but I did hear from a co-worker that they saw Pete Rose placing bets in the sportsbook at Caesar’s Palace. Oh and after we were done with one of our breakout rooms it was converted into a dressing room for Jerry Seinfeld. I had to go up and get our computer that was still there and was able to see how they set it u I’ll post the picture later (crappy as it is) but I did find it interesting that Jerry’s dressing room includes a full living room setup with real trees and a carpet under the coffee table made of live grass sod. I’m guessing that he likes to take off his shoes and socks and rub his tootsies in the cool grass.

Hmm, that gives me an idea…. Nah, I’d better not.

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