by john on December 18, 2005


We read to our kids every night, even though they both read by themselves at night afterwards. Inteestingly, while they both will read chapter books at night (although lately Connor has been into my “Far Side”: anthology) they seem to prefer picture books for story time. When we get a new book it tends to get read over and over. Such is the case right now for 061849295X.

So this morning, thinking the book might have inspired them to try something new, I cooked up some latkes based on the recipe in the book. I’ve never made latkes before and I’m not even sure I’ve ever eaten them, but the recipe seemed easy enough (potatoes, onions, parsley, egg, flour, salt and pepper) so I gave them a try. Wow did they turn out great. I’ll be making them again.

My kids? They were decidingly against trying anything new this morning. I thought I almost had Erin talked into trying them but her brother managed to talk her out of it.

They don’t know what they are missing.

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