ColdHeat Soldering Iron

by john on January 4, 2006

I’m sure you’ve been seeing the commercials (maybe not since after Christmas though) for the “Cold Heat”: Soldering Iron. They sound too good to be true and a “review”: on “Applefritter”: pretty much reaches the same conclusion, giving it two out of five stars.

But what really interests me about the review is the comments. The “last comment”: (as of now) is from Glenn Schindo from Cooper Tools. A little “research”: reveals that Glenn’s position at Cooper Hand Tools is Business Development Manager.

Glenn responds to the review in a very business-like manner, pointing out the flaws of the analysis while at the same time keeping an even keel. His response can be summarized as: the model you reviewed is the low end model, try the Pro model, and RTFM(Read The Freaking Manual). I think it’s great that manufacturers or distributors are reading blogs and responding to them. Note that this kind of response is much better than the “Alaska Air”: fiasco, which hopefully was done by employees not usually in the position of responding to criticism, like Mr. Schindo.

I will say, however, that his comment was added a month after the review originally came out, making it quite obvious that this was not the result of normal every-day monitoring of the weblog channel but rather more likely having the link forwarded by someone else who happened to come across it. Hopefully by now someone has shown Mr. Schindo how to create tools like “Technorati Searches”: for his product.

bq(update). [UPDATE] – Cool, Mr. Schindo responded here (and pretty quickly too!) – turns out the “someone” I wondered would show him Technorati was me.


Joe January 6, 2006 at 10:50 pm

I’ve noticed on our blog that, much like demons in the movies, merely invoking the name of some net business folk will cause them to appear. For a long time, if you mentioned Jason Fried of 37 signals or Joel Spolsky in your blog post, you could be sure to see something from them in the comments within a day. ( I would guess that this is less true now, since they’re probably mentioned much more often. ) These folks are obviously using search tools on Technorati or Bloglines to keep track of things, and it’s smart business.

Glenn Schindo January 9, 2006 at 6:25 pm


Thanks for the tip on technorati searches. This will come in very handy.


Glenn Schindo

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