I Dream of Robert Scoble

by john on January 7, 2006

This is really weird. Last night I had a very vivid dream centered around Robert Scoble, Microsoft Geek Blogger. I’ve never met the guy but you can’t help but know what he looks like if you spend any time around an aggregator.

The dream started with a poker party at my house with two tables – the main game, in which I was not playing and a side game in which I was but was first to be busted. I can’t remember a single other player at either table or much about any action other than the buy-in at the main game was $600.

I had been busted out of my own game and was in the dining room doing coding of some kind when in came Robert. He stood about 6’7″ and walked with a cane. We talked about my blog and we walked around the house. He pointed out a painting on the wall, The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso, and asked if I painted it. I said no.

I went back to my coding and in my periphery vision saw Robert milling around the poker tables.

Then later in my dream I was reading Robert’s entry about his visit where he gushed about this being another sort of unconference.

Then I woke up. I’d say I’ve been blogging too much when you dream about a blogger but in actuality, as you know, I haven’t been.

Robert, you should know you looked very elegant with a cane.

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