The $1,150,000+ Homepage

by john on January 11, 2006

You can’t call it the Million Dollar Homepage anymore. The college student who created this many times now duplicated phenomenom has sold 999,000 of his pixels at a dollar a pop but he wasn’t satisfied with that and is auctioning off the last 1,000 pixels. Highest bid to date is $153,000. This looks to be a good bid – there was one higher that was captured on the Rocketboom segment where I was reminded of this guy, but that was taken down.

I love the pure greediness to eek out extra cash. I would have predicted maybe another $10,000. Shows what I know about internet marketing. I can’t imagine that little square generating that kind of cash (I suppose there is also traffic from articles that will be written about it too, but still…).

I still can’t believe the whole concept worked. The bastard.

bq(update). [UPDATE] – The Washington Post “wrote”: about this today too.

bq(update). [UPDATE 2] – A number of bids were retracted but the auction did close at $38,100. Still not bad. However, the “Million Dollar Homepage”: is currently down. Hopefully it’s just a coincidence and not because he just got all of his money.

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Joe Grossberg January 11, 2006 at 12:16 pm

Well, it’s kind of fraudulent because he said he was selling a million pixels at $1 a pop, got enough back-orders to cover it, and *then* decided to auction off the last few.

It’s a total bait-and-switch and he might get more publicity when he gets sued. It’s not worth the extra 15% to risk that.

Greed, indeed.

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