First Geocache

by john on January 13, 2006


Connor took a GPS course this fall and got a GPS device for Christmas. This afternoon we went after a couple of caches close to our house and he found both of them. The picture shows him signing the log book of one of them.

On a pure geek scale I still have to put my own hobby of metal detecting above geocaching but they really are similar – it’s all about getting outside in the fresh air and finding stuff.

The thrill of metal detecting for me is finding something that was not planted, like a geocache is, but rather lost and forgotten over time. The other difference is when you are geocaching you know exactly what you are looking for, whereas with metal detecting when you pull something out of the ground it could be just about anything. Of course depending on how fancy a metal detector you have you may have a good idea, but still you didn’t know what was there until just that moment.

But enough about metal detecting, that’s for later stories (and the summer). Geocaching is cool and Connor enjoyed the hunt. He’s already starting to plan ones he wants to plant.

Any hobby that gets us together and outside is a good one. I look forward to the next hunt.

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Don GeoVanni February 23, 2006 at 5:05 pm

Geocaching Rocks! Where-ever you go, there will be a cache to find! You’ll find yourself having to explain why you are looking intently at the ground in a certain area to complete strangers. They seem to get it though. Geek Factor? Absolutely! What cache is that in the pic…can you link it?

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